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Fire Alarms

Your business can experience all sorts of threats and one of the biggest is fire. Fire can completely eliminate an established business, leading to total stock and premises loss, redundancies and possible injury or death to staff and customers.

Sword security can help to prevent such occurrences by supplying you with the latest modern fire alarm systems supplied and maintained by professional staff. These can be a one-off system for a particular high risk area or complete fire alarm systems which include smoke and fire detectors to fire extinguishers.
Alarms can be set up through a monitoring station that will instantly react when an alarm signal is received by contacting the fire brigade.

Our range of products varies from installing complete fire alarm systems which include smoke and fire detectors to fire extinguishers.

Depending on your location, Sword Security can also help by testing your fire alarm system on a weekly basis, leaving your staff free to attend to other things.
We can also arrange for a full fire risk assessment to be carried out on your premises in compliance with the new Northern Ireland Fire Regulations.


Intruder Alarms

Theft as well as fire can rob a business of its valuable assets, as well as providing a physical presence in the form of a uniformed and trained security officer we can also offer piece of mind by installing a complete intruder alarm system.

After carrying out a complete security survey of your premises we would provide you with our recommendations at very competitive costs. Upon agreement professional engineers would then install the system providing 24hr security which can be monitored and linked through CCTV. The use of our 24hr mobile service can also be integrated to respond to any alarms. A range of systems and costs are available for every type of business to ensure you get value for money and professional service.

Panic Alarms

Some locations or personnel may require a means of instant contact with the police in an emergency; it may be a cash office, off licence, shop, vehicle, factory or lone worker.

Sword Security through our alarms section can provide this by installing discreet panic alarms which are monitored 24/7.

Lone workers and vehicles can be provided with personal panic alarms using the latest GPS tracking to ensure they feel safe when alone and vulnerable or in an emergency.