Door Supervisor Training


Level Two Award Door Supervision


Before the SIA introduced licensing, Door Supervisors had a very poor reputation in the UK, with a lot of bad press regarding the violence outside their place of business, drug dealing, threatening behaviour and the profile of those carrying out the job.

The Door Supervisors course was introduced to help candidates gain the necessary skills and qualifications that will permit them to carry out the role of a Door Supervisors. This will allow everyone within their venue to have an enjoyable experience in a safe environment.

With the introduction of a licensing and training for both in house and contract security staff, this should now ensure that better and more customers focused Door Supervisors now work within this sector.

After you have completed your Door Supervisor Training and have gained your SIA licence you will be allowed to work in the following security sectors.

  • Door Supervision
  • Security Guarding
  • Reception Security

What The Course Consists of


The course consists of 17 different units including Physical Intervention which was introduced on the 1st June 2010. Below are a list of all the units in the training programme.

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Working in the P.S.I
  • Civil and Criminal Law
  • Arrest Procedures
  • Licensing Law
  • Drug Awareness
  • Searching
  • Communication
  • Physical Intervention (from the 1st June 2010)
  • Recognising & Avoiding Conflict
  • Self Awareness
  • Customer Care
  • Communication
  • Reducing Conflict
  • High Risk Conflict
  • Problem Solving
  • Learning from Conflict


Course Duration

4 Day Course

The course is delivered in two parts as follows:

  • Two Days: Basic Job Training.
  • Two Days: Conflict Management

The course is certified through Skills for Security and the National Open College Network.

The course includes scenario based learning tailored to Door Supervision duties: Refusal, Ejecting, and Recognising & Defusing Conflict.