Welcome To Sword Security

Customer Service

Anticipating and responding to our client’s needs and requirements is of paramount importance.

Effective security depends on good communication links at all times and this is where Sword Security excels.

With stringent operational and command procedures in place our emphasis is on close liaison with our clients. Sword Security has the structures to respond quickly and effectively to any and all of our clients needs, whether they are big or small.

As well as our professional human resources, at Sword Security we have the technology and quality systems to provide sophisticated support to our field staff. All clients’ sites are supported and monitored on a continuous basis by dedicated staff in our 24 hour control room.

At Sword Security quality touches every aspect of the business, from the emphasis we place on the calibre of our staff, to strict adherence to National Security Standards.

Sword Security encourage all parties to contribute towards the creation of a working partnership, where objectives are developed and success is recognised and rewarded.

Remember, many security companies will say that they conform to these standards, Sword Security are Inspected to these standards.